The True

Going Back to Where It all Started

A great future awaits us as the end of one chapter is simply the beginning of another, the best part is always yet to come, take a deep breath, and wait for Richie’s new journey at La Casa 2022 from 26th till 29th of May at Hall 01, Stand A16.

We make coming home the highlight of your day.



WE ARE RICHIE! We are one of the brand leaders in the Egyptian furniture industry,with the potential to bring technology, innovation, quality, elegance, style and luxury to explore the extraordinary creative journey that transforms a mansion into a fully integrated experience.

We have combined the know-how of the multicultural world with the modern trends to become the clients’ best fit of upholstered products through implementing unique services and products.

Richie offers a wide range of custom furniture in a variety of materials including but not limited to glass, fabric and natural wood.

Richie’s founders have taken an oath to be the market leaders in presenting contemporary home furniture while adhering to global quality standards.

Richie Furniture was established in 2017 as a sub-brand of Shoulah Furniture Group (SFG). It was established in 1986 as a small artisan workshop and later became a leading Egyptian furniture company dedicated to the industrial fabrication and production of home and premium contract items for world-renowned clients on a global scale.

Our philosophy

Richie produces home furniture by employing a dynamic method focused on users’ experience. Adhering to the philosophy of continuous dedication and continuous efforts, we provide potential prospects with cutting-edge furniture design, quality development, and become one of the top manufacturers to broaden our global vision in the years to come.

We stick to contemporary appeal, delivering the best in comfort, quality and durability in authentic, versatile products. When Richie talks furniture, the sky’s the limit.

Richie Designers

All the designers who work with Richie are not only experienced in furniture, but also knowledgeable in the art of form and function. Our team is responsible for everything from development to implementation of ideas and concepts.

The only way to make a piece of furniture called Richie is to explore the hidden beauties and present them in a unified experience that incorporates the brand’s creativity. Conquering time and giving a sense of stillness through dignifying furniture pieces is what designers aim to commemorate.

A team is a dream and ours is one-of-a-kind. One of Richie’s beliefs is diversity and inclusion. We believe in being able to create something extraordinary that has never been before, kind of products and services, one needs to develop a gateway for creativity and inventiveness.

This idea could be achieved by assembling diverse experiences and distinct mindsets on the same table, who are team players. Richie Furniture’s good luck lies in its team of merging peculiar and disparate subject matter experts from all the fields.

News / events

Milano Miraculous

design week at Zona Tortona 2018

The Richie Furniture team proudly travelled to Milan as a partner of the Nile Selection exhibition during Zona Tortona’s Milan Design Week. Zona Tortona is considered the hub for independent fashion stores, studios, and the best Italian designers. Visitors were amazed by the quality, durability and unique style of mixing different colors and material, thus reaching to one of a kind products. The event was a collaboration between Giulio Cappellini and six Egyptian leader furniture brands: Amr Helmy Designs, La Roche, Meuble El Chark, Mohm, Nadim, and Richie by Shoulah. The exhibition lasted for 5 days where we were able to exhibit our contemporary outlook of Egyptian Furniture in Italy.

Le Marche

Expo Success in 2021

The new collection featured by timeless experience with a unique appeal.

In March 2021, we showcased our Ala and Edge collections at Le Marche- Conference Hall - where we were keen to deliver a whole new experience that was timeless in terms of collections and interior; thus, reflecting the collection’s slogan “Timeless Experience.” For 4 days in October, we were thrilled to present our unique collection, Moiré and Coral. We successfully fulfilled our slogan “We Make Coming Home the Highlight of Your Day” because those collections were breathtaking since they resembled the natural inspiration of the sea embodying calmness and relaxation.

La Casa Furniture

Expo in 2021

Every home has a story to tell, Richie presented 4 stories at La Casa because one was not enough.

For the first time in Richie’s history, we are delighted to be participating in the La Casa Furniture Fair from May 27th to May 30th, 2021 at the New Cairo Conference Hall. The reason behind choosing “A Story behind Every Door” as a slogan for this event is that we exhibited our four home furniture collections: ALA, Edge, Coral, and Moiré. Our focus is to highlight the stories behind each collection and how to communicate themes through the use of all-natural materials crafted with contemporary designs in response to the latest global trends.

Le Marche

Expo Success in October 2021

From the deepest sea to the highest mountain path was the lead.

At Richie Furniture, we deploy a spirit of excellence by telling a story behind each design concept, and the team conducts in-depth research and continuous experimentation to create a complete experience. With Richie, you should always pay attention to details, because if you look deeper, you will understand everything better, so take the opportunity to look carefully, otherwise, you will lose the meaning. Your journey in Le Marche begun by taking a step towards the deepest sea and reaching the highest mountain. Somewhere between the quite, the serene, and the embracing beauty was the answer of the mystery. One clue to that dark mystery was to follow the path of light to reach the PEAK. On the journey to the top of the mountain, you had to go through the deepest roots to find the answer to the mystery, but perhaps, in order to reach the top, you had to start from the deep sea. The real mystery was not only to reach the peak, but you had to look back at the path you have taken when you arrive, because you will see everything from a different perspective.


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